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ISA Level 2 Surf Instructor Course

2ddd73a772b242485ea98e4ecfeee12d.gifCourse Module overview

  1. Training surfers a holistic approach
  2. Planning
  3. Understanding the judging criteria
  4. Risk management
  5. Principles of training
  6. Elements of fitness
  7. Development and maturation
  8. Sports injuries
  9. Lifestyle and nutrition
  10. Sports psychology
  11. Balance and force
  12. Fundamental movements
  13. Movement patterns of core manoeuvres
  14. Common errors
  15. Novice surfing skills
  16. Analytical skills for surf coaches
  17. Simulation training
  18. Video coaching

Course delivery

Day 1

09.00 Meet and greet, introductions and Course overview

09.15 Performance analysis / video performance

11.00 Break

11.30 Video analysis test.

Written analysis by students templates supplied.

Choose 1 manoeuvre from the trainers DVD.

1300 Lunch

1400 Principles of Fitness.

Presentation by TA and discussion with group.

15.00 Sports coach UK Film. Principles of training.

15.30 Skill drills for Surfers

TA to present & discuss various drills that can be used with advanced surfers. Use examples from course book and some from Ripstix [Martin Dunne] or some personal ones.

16.00 Group workshop.

Group is split into small Buddy groups and asked to design 2 different skill drills.

They should then present their ideas to the rest of the group.

16.20 Break

16.40 Diet & Nutrition for surfing.

Day Finish +- 17.30 – 18.00

Day 2

09.00 Surfer programme planning test.

Groups are given +- 1 hour to design a training programme to include fitness, diet, skill drills, lifestyle, equipment etc.

Groups are then asked to discuss and compare their programme and present their ideas. +- 30 minutes.

The students must then individually hand in these assignments for marking.

10.30 Break

10.50 Practical coaching session & fault correction.

11.30 Practical beach session.

Buddy pairs, 1 in surf & 1 as coach. 30 minutes in water.

Coach’s to make written evaluations /comments.

Then reverse roles for the remaining 30 min session.

TA to film /video the sessions.

13H00 Lunch


Coach’s verbal feedback on their given surfer.

Also any improvement / correction strategy to employ for the afternoon session.

& Video playback from the morning session

14H30 Practical surfing / coaching session as am.

16H00 Break

16H20 Class session

Feed back and review from coaches

TA to playback film footage for comment

Written feedback and comment sheets to be handed in for marking by TA.

Day Finish 17H00

Day 3

09H00 Health & Safety for surf coaches and surf schools

10H15 Break

10H35 Risk Assessments

Then workshop session by group members

11H50 Health & safety and Law


TA to give some scenarios from NCF book ‘Creating a Safe Coaching Environment ‘

Pages 6-10.

Students then asked to Hand in their pre course task of compiling their Risk Assessment, NOP, EAP, for marking by the TA

13H00 Lunch

14H00 Presentations

 Approximately 15 minutes per candidate

16H30-17H30 Wrap up and Finish

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