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ISA/SURFINGGB Level 1 Surf Coach Course information

The course is a blend of practical and theory.

All prices include ISA & SURFING GB membership, manual, work book & administration fees.                   

Accreditation requirements:

  1. Attendance at two day ISA/SURFING GB Level One Instructor Course
  2. 20 hours practical instructing (beginner level) guided by supervisor Instructor. (Session records in workbook to be completed by Candidate / Instructor and signed off by supervisor instructor) OR documented RPL.
  3. Instructor competency checklist, completed then signed off by designated Supervisor / Instructor.
  4. Understand and sign ‘Instructors Code of Conduct’ agreement
  5. National Surf Federation membership recommended
  6. Hold Ocean Rescue Award that is recognised locally (SLSGB, RLSS, or similar award recognised in the country in which you wish to surf instruct)


Session records - competency checklist and ‘Instructors Code of Ethics are all contained in the Level One practical/assessment workbook. All completed workbooks must be sent to your ISA/SURFING GB Official Course Presenter where required.

Course Modules covered:

  • Module 1: Understand roles of the instructor
  • Module 2: Know roles of instructor to maintain safety of surfer in your care
  • Module 3: Good knowledge of instructing methods
  • Module 4: Know how to develop skill
  • Module 5: Understand program planning
  • Module 6 Equipment

Assessments: Course assessment:

As instructor candidates you will be assessed as competent or not yet

Competent by the course presenter during the workshops and practical

Sessions during the two-day level one surf riding instructing course.

Competencies & Assessments:

  1. Venue analysis
  2. Lesson planning
  3. Lesson delivery
  4. Personal surfing skills

Post Course:

There are also Post Course requirements and further training consisting of

  • 20 hours supervised coaching.
  • Complete Post Course workbook.

The ISA course is an internationally accepted qualification. Candidates must be a minimum of 16 years of age to become an accredited ISA. Instructor but must work under supervision of an ISA Instructor over 18 years of age. An ISA Instructor must be a minimum of 18 years of age to instruct without supervision.

Level 1 updating procedures:

It is compulsory for all active instructors to re-register their accreditation annually and renew their ocean rescue award annually. It is also recommended to become a financial member of your National Surfing Federation.


Instructors who fail to complete re-registration requirements within six months of expiry may be required to be reassessed or complete the requirements of the course subject to an application to the ISA/SURFING GB Coaching & Surf school coordinator.


  • A USD$100.00 fee to register your updated qualification applies. This can be completed at http://www.isasurf.org/ISAstore
  • All registered instructors are listed on the ISA web site

ISA Mission Statement 

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