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RLSS Lifeguard Training Course - National Beach Lifeguard Qualification

The National Beach Lifeguard Qualification (NBLQ) in the UK & Ireland is accepted as the standard qualification for Beach Lifeguards on most UK beaches.

The NBLQ lifeguard training qualification comprises of a 5 elements including lifeguard theory, resuscitation, pool and open water work.

Additional modules have been developed that will become applicable based on the beach environment, these include lifeguard training courses for paddle craft, personal fitness and personal water craft.

RLSS Lifeguard Training Course


The NBLQ lifeguard training assessment is designed to gauge the effectiveness of persons engaged at any point in the role of a Beach Lifeguard or receiving training towards this role.

The Beach Lifeguard is deemed to be responsible for safety at beach and other open water locations either inland or at coastal, surf, river and estuarial sites.


The training and assessment is not site specific and reflects the generic knowledge and skills following a course of training in lifeguard practices which shall include:

  • physical fitness
  • self-discipline
  • safety supervision
  • teamwork
  • rescue skills and techniques
  • use and maintenance of rescue equipment
  • beach safety operating procedures

This initial assessment is a measure of basic ability and should be followed by regular in-service training at recognised open water recreational locations, which must test competence to apply knowledge and skill in the 'operational' environment.

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