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Southern Morocco Surf Adventure Tour

Travel with Surf Coach International & our highly experienced Moroccan Surf Guides on a 10 day Moroccan Surf Adventure. Experience uncrowned surf breaks, and warm weather in Southern Morocco.

The South has an abundance of epic world-class point breaks; reefs breaks and wide-open beach breaks, so you can be assured that you will be surfed out!

Experience the true Moroccan adventure, get to surf the best waves, visit amazing beaches, towns and very best of Moroccan culture.

Surf coaching in Morocco

This trip is for intermediate & advanced surfers, who want to avoid the crowds, and get maximum surf time. Our Coaches are there to ensure you have a great time, develop your surfing and have loads of fun!

Due to the nature of the trip we are limited to a max of 7 adventurous persons and two Surf Coaches / Surf Guides.

What’s Included:

The Trip

  • Day 1 - Arrival: Dinner and Accommodation in Marocsurfcamp Villa – (in Tamraght)
  • Day 2 - Surf Tifnite and sleep in Mirleft
  • Day 3 - Surf Mirleft and sleep in Mirleft
  • Day 4 - Surf Lagzira and sleep in Lagzira
  • Day 5 - Surf Lagzira and sleep in Lagzira
  • Day 6 - Surf Sidi Ifni and sleep in Sidi Ifni
  • Day 7 - Surf Sidi Ifni and sleep in Sidi Ifni
  • Day 8 - Surf Tfnite and sleep in Marocsurfcamp Villa
  • Day 9 - Surf in Taghazout area and sleep in Marocsurfcamp Villa
  • Day 10 - Bredakfast and departure

Experienced full time staff

Full time Surf Coach & Tour Guide

259fc7c768bbdddee27a60cd220b23aa.jpgTo ensure you are well looked after and to see that the tour runs to schedule.  Your highly internationally experienced Surf Coach & Tour Guide are there to offer support and guidance as well as making the tour full of fun, laughs and an unforgettable experience.

To provide you with expert advice and mentoring during Surf Tour. Your Coach will also provide unlimited coaching and produce development plans to improve your surfing & ocean awareness.

Full Time Lifeguard Trainer Assessor:

We take safety serious and all our staff are qualified Lifeguard Trainer / Assessors, there to provide safety advice and daily risk assessments before each surf session or water activity. Our Lifeguard Trainer / Assessors are highly qualified and active in their rolls so you can always guarantee expert advice.

Full Time Advanced 1st Aider:

Our staff will look after you and attend to any 1st aid needs if required. We hold qualifications recognized by the UKSAR Medical Group – Level III Intermediate Casualty Care, so you know you are in good hands.


This is a great opportunity to stay in a newly built yet traditionally furnished Moroccan Villa. The accommodation is very comfortable, clean and has great views of the ocean and beaches a short drive from the villa.


3 delicious meals a day, prepared by top local chef. Each night you will experience a four course traditional Moroccan feast.


All transport to and from best surf breaks. Airport transfers from Agadir. Vehicles will be comfortable and have air conditioning and well maintained, giving you space to relax and enjoy the ride!

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